Purpose Built For SaaS

From ingestion through visualizations, every feature is built to support your SaaS application.
Create Data Connections
Verb creates individual data lakes and warehouse databases so that your data is isolated, safe and performant.
Smooth Connections
Connecting your data is fast and easy. Verb allows you to connect structured and unstructured data from database engines, APIs, message queues and even existing data lakes or warehouses.
Data Sync Flexibility
You have granular sync method and frequency controls that are simple to set up. Depending on the data source, Verb offers incremental, CDC, CT and Full sync methods.
Limiting & Filtering Synced Data
On import, it's easy to select the data that you do and don't want to sync at the table and column levels. Conditionally filtering specific data is also available at the row level.
Prepare and Configure
Verb provides a no-code solution to model relationships across data sets of structured and unstructured data so that building reports and visualizations become even easier. The solution also includes drag-and-drop data transformation tools to create new calculated fields and views.
No-Code Data Modeling
Creating relationships across data sources is managed easily in the drag and drop editor. Verb also uses these relationships to enable segmentation rules that define the data users are allowed to see.
No-Code Data Transformation
You can easily build calculated columns to create new data fields for reports/dashboards or create new views to simplify your reporting data. Transformations are automatically run on your data as it's ingested, ensuring performance and consistency.
Data Segmentation and Security
Set row and column level security on any table in the model. Using your user authentication configuration, Verb will apply the security rules to always show the correct data.
Power Columns
Create multiple calculations for a single column so that end-users can select the appropriate calculation for their use case.
Create Unique Data Experiences
To create a great customer facing data experience, SaaS platforms need more than just a static dashboard. Great experiences provide data where your customers need it - visually in your application and outside of it in their internal tools.
Data Experiences
Verb provides a growing list of experience types. All plans have access to dashboards, downloadable reports and integrated insights. Advanced plans also include API endpoints that allow your customers to pull their data when they need it.
Verb offers beautiful charts and tiles designed to convey your data in the right way.
Design Themes
With granular design customization settings, you can easily match your app's look and feel. Verb provides a great design structure that optimizes the user experience across device types so that your user will always be able to understand the data you present.
Embed a Native Experience
Within a short code snippet dropped into your application, your users will be able to view their data in beautiful and easy to understand reports and visualizations.
Active Authentication
Using the Verb SDK, your system will pass the logged in user's client-side authentication token to Verb. Verb then calls an endpoint on your system with this token, allowing your server to validate the user and return identifying details, roles and claims. This means your app has full control over security and authentication and it's always current.
Native Experiences
By embedding the SDK, Verb renders HTML/CSS that can be further controlled though stylesheets and Javascript. This means that your team can further customize the data experiences once they're embedded into your application.
Highly Performant
Verb's data processing strategy ensures that your user will have lightning fast data experiences in your application with no impact on your system because the data necessary for reporting is completely managed by Verb.
Iterate with Your Application
Verb ties into your SDLC process so you can migrate changes along with your platform. You can even make changes in live environments without disrupting users by publishing updates when ready.
Schema Changes
As your system architecture changes, your data experiences must keep up. Verb makes it easy to adapt to schema changes so developers can stay focused on your core product.
Deploy with your SDLC
Migrate system updates and your Verb environments together to keep your SDLC running smoothly. As changes are made in staging, you can test their impacts on your data experiences as part of your standard process and then promote them to production when you deploy your next version.
Live Data Experiences
Never interrupt your users' workflow. With Verb's publishing functionality, you can work on live, embedded dashboards and publish changes when complete.
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