Customer Dashboards with MongoDB

Build customer analytics on top of MongoDB with Verb's no-code platform.
Customer Dashboards with MongoDB
Data Pipeline Options For MongoDB
Bring MongoDB together with all of your data sources to build customer analytics with Verb's pre-built, no-code data pipeline.
MongoDB Data Ingestion Methods
Methods and intervals are set on the collection level to allow for variable settings on different types of data.
Incremental Property
Sync data using a property with a date or integer value to track data changed since the last scheduled query.
Full Sync
The entire contents of the collection is pulled every time on a regular schedule.
MongoDB Ingestion Interval Scheduling
Set the frequency of ingestion using a cron job structure on every table. Intervals can be set to as frequent as 1 minute on all incremental methods.
MongoDB Schema Evolution
As your MongoDB schema evolves Verb is schema aware and will sense and respond to the following changes.
Add or remove propertys on synced tables
Property name changes
Data type changes
Add or remove collections
Securing and Segmenting MongoDB Data
Verb gives you the control to limit the data ingested and simple yet sophisticated document and property level security.
Customizable and Selective Ingestion
Collection Customization
Property Selection
Document Filtering
Security and Data Segmentation
Document Level Security Rules
Write as simple or complex document level security rules to segment data in Verb with our no-code document level security configuration. Using data from your sources it’s easy to control things like tenant segmentation, customer segmentation, user segmentation, or organization segmentation.
Property Security Rules
Control how data is shown for your users at the field or column level. Verb makes it easy to hide, blank, and mask data.
Why MongoDB Users Choose Verb Data
Verb Data is a simple, powerful user-facing analytics platform built for SaaS companies. Verb ingests data from all of your data sources, like MongoDB and provides pipeline, data modeling, and customer outputs - like dashboards, reports, insights and REST APIs. With Verb, developers can build complete external data programs in just a few hours, not months.
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