Create a Data Access API In Hours

Give your customers access to their data with an API endpoint so they can use their data how they need.
Verb Data Dashboard
Connect your data to Verb and configure your sync methods and intervals. As data is ingested Verb stores it in an individual lake and warehouse so your data is isolated, safe and performant.

Model and transform data then select data available to customers all without any code to make setup even faster.
Relationships across tables and disparate sources
Highly flexible row level security rules
Select data available for users
Provision access and share endpoints with automatically generated documentation.
Managed authentication
Version API endpoints
Auto generated docs

Secure and Compliant

Data Security
Verb's robust architecture processes data quickly and securely. Data is always encrypted - in flight and at rest using AES-256-GCM.
Storage is always GDPR and CCPA compliant and the enterprise plans provide compliant environments such as SOC, PCI and HIPAA.
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