Data experiences are hard.

We're making them easy.

Verb is a data experience platform that gives SaaS developers the tools to build and maintain great dashboards and reports, natively, in their application.

About Us

Our founders, Dave and Oleg, met at ONOSYS Online Ordering, a SaaS platform for major restaurant chains. After ONOSYS was acquired they started a software development and design agency where they built dozens of dashboards for their clients’ SaaS platforms

These experiences made them keenly aware of the frustrations that teams juggle when building and maintaining customer facing dashboards and just how valuable they are for sales and customer experience. So they went out and did their homework - researching the market and leading hundreds of conversations. The following are the common themes that Verb Data is built to solve.
High Quality
Most teams feel that their software provides a sub-par analytics experience to their customers.
Time Savings
The level of effort to create extremely valuable reporting features interferes with developing vital core functionality.
Previous third party solutions required a lot of effort to implement and did not have the features necessary for fast moving SaaS engineering teams.


Dave HurtDave Hurt's LinkedIn
Dave Hurt
CEO Dave is on a mission to build a lasting company through a great team and strong customer relationships. Previously, he was an early employee at ONOSYS and co-founded Prototype1, a prototyping and development agency acquired by a leading customer.
Oleg FridmanOleg Fridman's LinkedIn
Oleg Fridman
CTO As CTO, Oleg leads all technical efforts at Verb. He’s responsible for Verb’s technology vision and strategy. He founded his first company while still in high school and followed that with ONOSYS and later Protoype1. Today, his mission is to help others create amazing dashboards without the pain he’s had to suffer dozens of times over.
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Our Team
We're building a company and platform that solves a real pain point and creates value for our customers and users.

We put our customers at the center of everything we do because we believe that successful customers mean a successful business.

Our roots are in Boston but we're mostly remote.

The people we need don’t live in a single area code - we hire the right people wherever they happen to be.
If you enjoy working with a diverse group of motivated peers, collaborating to solve challenging problems and changing how software is built, we’d love to hear from you.
Sustainability and Community Involvement
We share our success to make the world a better place. We contribute 1% of our revenue to carbon neutrality and will continue to expand our commitments to our communities.
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