What A Box Plot Can Tell About Your Data

Box Plot

We’re continuing to release data visualizations to help your end-user understand the relationships and distribution among their data. Today we’re announcing the release of our Box Plot tiles and our previous releases – scatter plot and bubble chart – are available to all Verb users. 

Box plots are used to show distributions of numeric data values, especially when you want to compare them between multiple groups. Typically, box plots use the interquartile range to create the box area, whiskers, and outliers. 

What sets apart box plots in Verb is the ease with which they are created. All of the aggregation and distribution are done automatically on the selected measure. There is no transformation or pre-aggregation required to add a measure to the plot.

Just as with every other chart in our platform, our design team has done a beautiful job ensuring that the box plot created in Verb will look amazing whenever and wherever it is embedded. 

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