Information Architecture for Better Dashboards. New Dashboard Organization Features in Verb Data.

Information Architecture Tiles

Information architecture is key when designing the layout of a dashboard. Defined by Nick Babich of Adobe, “Information architecture is a discipline that focuses on the organization of information within digital products.”  We’ve released two new tile types to give more flexibility for our dashboard builders to create well-organized and visually appealing dashboards. 

Text Tiles

It’s simple enough but a text tile allows dashboard creators to share information with their end-users. Many of the text tiles are providing insight into definitions of data, simple links to other dashboards, and contextual metrics. 

Section Tile

To help create more visual hierarchy and organization we’ve added a section title tile that is used to group tiles into a section and provide a title for the section. It’s quite simple but it helps dashboard designers by providing more ways to organize their information architecture. 

What’s Next

Over the next month Verb will release Scatter Plots, Bubble Charts, and Box Plots. We continue to expand our pre-built, no-code visualizations and if there are any visualizations that we do not have but you need, we’re happy to add them. Just reach out!

If you want a tour of our newest features get in touch!