Better Data Infrastructure for Better Dashboards

Verb Data - Integration Management

This month we released an overhaul to data source integration management in Verb. The updates give granular information about the data ingestion process, errors, and issue remediation features to resolve integration issues fast. We invested a significant amount of time into this because one of Verb’s product principles is to protect end-users from data issues caused by breaking changes. 

Why does this matter? 

Breaking changes in schemas or pipelines are the bain of many engineering and data teams. It’s what turns data scientists into data engineers, constantly fixing issues without ever getting to the science part of their job. When it comes to customer-facing dashboards that are native to your product these issues are exacerbated. 

Here are the most important parts of the update

  1. View every sync connection attempt and the results of that sync attempt. 
    1. You can now see each time Verb attempts to connect to your data source, the duration of the connection and the amount of data ingested. 
  2. View your daily trends 
    1. Compare your sync activity over time to understand anomalies and trends of your integration. This will also help identify unnecessary data ingestion. 
  3. Better NoSQL Support
    1. You can now be more selective of the data ingested from NoSQL databases. It’s easier to target the nested objects and properties. 
  4. Error Resolution
    1. We’ve improved our error messaging to understand the root cause of an issue and the steps to remediate common issues. 
  5. Clearing Errors and Reseting Syncs
    1. Sometimes a connection needs to be reset to adjust for changes in the database. You can now reset a connection with just a simple click of a button. 

What’s Next?

These updates are just a step in the journey to help our customers manage their data infrastructure for customer-facing analytics. We know that schemas evolve and easily updating dashboard inputs is a massive pain point for everyone who manages a dashboard. Next month we will release the ability to map changes across versions of your schema. This means that when a column is removed and a new one is created Verb will allow users to swap the input fields at any level of the data lineage and propagate those changes downstream. This will save hours of time for our customers.

If you want a tour of our newest features get in touch!