Build Launchpads not Dashboards

Tile Actions Menu

Data is cool and it’s the new oil but what does that even mean?

At Verb we believe that data is supposed to instill action and enable a process. Unfortunately, most traditional dashboards and BI solutions create static dashboards that are used a few times and then never looked at again.

This week we’ve completed the release of Tile Actions and we’re really excited to show you how these Tile Actions can turn your static dashboards into a launchpad for your users to accomplish their goals and complete tasks faster.

We have 3 ways to create Tile Actions. Here’s a quick synopsis. If you’d like to learn more reach out to our team or check out the Tile Actions Docs.

Navigate To

The Navigate To Tile Action allows users to navigate to another page or section within your application by selecting a dimension or category on the chart. This is enabled by creating a template URL or executing JavaScript that contains any information required. For example, if you show a table of order history in a dashboard a user can click on the Order Number and this will bring them to the order details page of your application. This truly allows your dashboards to launch people into a process or help them complete tasks that need their attention.

Cross Filtering

Cross filtering allows a user to select a value in a chart and filter the rest of the charts in a dashboard. Giving users the ability to explore subsets of the data helps them hone in on key information to support their process.

Open New Tiles

The Open New Tile Action allows users to dig into data at a deeper level to understand what makes up the numbers their seeing at first glance. For example, we often see a bar chart showing order history of the last 30 days but what if we want to see the orders that make up the aggregate values in the bar chart? With Open New Tile, users can visualize another layer deeper. This isn’t just a drilldown into another bar chart, the second layer of visualization can be a different type of visualization or table of data which can then be used as a launchpad into the rest of the application.

If you want a tour of our newest features get in touch!