Verb Year In Review: Taking SaaS Customer Dashboards to New Heights in 2022

As we entered the second year of the pandemic, uncertainty marked the outlook of businesses everywhere for what would be 2021. SaaS companies understood early on that the best way to support their customers was to give them a reliable service and user experience. Revenue growth and customer acquisition was a reflection of this approach. We are happy to say that Verb was an integral part of that.

The growth we had this year is a reflection of the success our customers had. A year ago, we started with a handful of private beta clients and, through collaborative work and feedback, we were able to grow our platform into a full-fledged tool that creates value for them. As 2021 came to a close, we increased our client base from four users in 2020 to seventy-five. 

This expansion didn’t come without its internal changes and milestones. Throughout last year we deployed our pre-seed funding, and we added some useful features like Tile Actions, Maps, and advanced design themes to better suit the needs of our clients. We also doubled the size of our team with professionals that make us excited for what is to come.

Changes that Impacted SaaS Companies in 2021

Leading SaaS companies across industries rely on business intelligence (BI) tools to move faster and provide their end-users with analytics services to improve their overall customer experience. In conversations with our clients, we’ve heard how customer-facing dashboards have impacted their overall business performance and customer satisfaction. Some examples of what we have accomplished together are:

  • Quick Implementation. One SaaS customer scheduled six months of engineering time to launch their aggregated analytics dashboard. With Verb, their first dashboard was in production in 2 weeks. This saved them 90% of their developer time. 
  • Limited Maintenance. A SaaS company in the procurement industry reported that their data analyst is able to manage the complete infrastructure of their dashboards without requiring any software or data engineers. Typical software teams dedicate days in each sprint for this type of maintenance, so it gives them the possibility to work on their own time.
  • Rapid Iteration. A white-label e-commerce platform increased customer satisfaction by responding to data inquiries within hours, not days. Customer Success team members have the ability to customize their customer’s dashboards on the fly without requiring deployment delays.

And because we understand the value of simple yet effective solutions, we are giving SaaS engineers the tools they need to stand up their dashboard infrastructure without the need for data engineering support. This provides team members with the autonomy to handle their platform on their own terms, although they are fully supported by Verb all the way.

Roadmap Looking Forward

Verb will continue to work hand in hand with our customers to develop the features they need to serve their end-users to keep improving and growing our platform. For the coming months, we will focus our actions on supporting two themes we have identified as crucial going forward: 

  • Curated Data Experiences

An optimal customer data experience balances customization and simplicity. It is vital to incorporate the right amount of flexibility without sacrificing clarity. Verb’s newest features are making it easier for product and engineering teams to curate an analytics experience and allow users to control only what the product teams want them to.  

  • Deeper Developer Support 

We are adding more tools to fit into our customers’ existing processes, for example, migrating configurations between environments. We are also looking to strengthen our Data Add ons as many of our clients want to support currency conversions or layer additional information such as maps. Verb’s platform makes this data available so that developers don’t need to go out and build custom solutions. 

Ready to Take on 2022

Looking back on the progress we’ve made this year makes us feel the need to keep the momentum going. Growth is more satisfactory when you see others growing along with you, and it is what we have witnessed with our customers and team members. Going into 2022, we feel more invigorated by our mission to make dashboards easy for SaaS platforms, and we look forward to helping more of them achieve their goals.  

In 2021, we developed a strong product, consolidated our team, and strengthened the relationships with our clients. We built a solid foundation that will catapult us to new heights in 2022, and we’re excited for all of our customers to come with us. Here we go!