Nuclear Energy to Startup 5 Questions On Transitioning to Verb Data

VerbData is excited to grow with our first hire Ilya Yakubovich. Let’s get to know Ilya and how he plans to make a difference here at Verb

Why Verb? (And what do you do here?)

I want a new challenge where I make a difference in revitalize the status quo and improve workflow and capacity for a whole swath of organizations and users. Daily operations in large production organizations get monotonous and while something is built/manufactured, it does not revolutionize or improve the efficiency or throughput of entire industries.

Verb Data truly makes it easier to access and manipulate data, which has become the quintessential currency in the 21st century. My responsibilities include documenting and defining the product to help onboard new clients as well as coordinating the QA team. This gives me a lot of opportunity to share the value proposition and ensure customer success.

Verb’s ease of use platform, and scalability has a direct impact on improving efficiency and streamlining data for end users. This adds value to their data insights which revolutionizes downstream products and inventions to make entire fields of products, industries and production better.

Your background is in nuclear engineering. What kind of work did you do as an engineer?

In my 10 years with nuclear and energy generation industries, I got to see initial design of cutting edge reactors, to test facilities for new concepts then to working at one of the top plants in the country. I helped with design, selection and engineering evaluations for equipment upkeep and maintenance practices. This gave me a lot of exposure to decades of historic technical journal, industry experience, and an insight into a technology sector unfortunately bedraggled by stagnation and fear of expansion.

In the end, I’ve learned that people make or break entire industries, and being informed, and presenting good data can revolutionize business process and technology implementation. Getting to that data, and making it clearly accessible to both technical and non-technical people was critical and continues to be key in getting to Yes for anyone making the important decisions.

How do you think that experience informs your work today?

As with any production environment, nuclear plants use large amounts of data to minimize deviation from normal operating conditions, and to monitor process and equipment data streams for wear. This highly data driven analysis ensures safe and reliable electrical power, while minimizing maintenance and repair activities. Easy to read, and readily accessible dashboards are valuable to those troubleshooting and making implementation decisions. Getting to be a part of facilitating growth is truly exciting and ensures I get to make a real difference in technology implementation.

Transitioning from a very process-oriented industry to the software industry, which was once synonymous with the phrase “Move fast and break things”, must be a little intimidating. What advice would you give others making this shift?

Move fast and break things is how we got to the moon back in the 1960s. I’d like to see much more of that from all of us who want progress and success on a global scale. We live in a fast-changing world, and those who step up can make a difference. The technological breakthroughs happening on a daily basis are drowned out by our messy and busy daily routines. Being a part of an organization which is bringing change and improvements to entire industries is a powerful motivator, and the hope to make a difference is personally a powerful driver.

I’d also like pointing out that looking back on their careers, no one’s been interviewed saying they wished they spent more time being stagnant. Seeing organizations deteriorate and actively limit the growth and development of talent is much more intimidating especially when I imagine myself looking back on my career 30+ years from now.

Outside of work, who is Ilya?

I’ve recently relocated to California for a new adventure and experience on the west coast. So far I’ve got to explore the beautiful mountainous country side, and the extensive long distance biking trails throughout the Sacramento area.  I enjoy growth and development and often ask questions about where to grow next. Now I have two new adventures, California and Verb Data.

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